When to come  —  Any time of year can be wonderful at Posada Arigalan. The most crucial factors to consider are temperature, rainfall, crowds, and peak or off-peak season.

Weather — There are two sharply defined seasons in Mazunte, Oaxaca (as in most of Mexico) - the tropical/moist weather of summer and early fall, and the dry weather of winter and spring. In July, August, and September the increase in cloud cover can push the average daily temperatures below those of the very warm late April, May and early June. The advantage of visiting in the summer/fall is the lush, green landscape. During the winter/spring you will experience the green and brown combination of dry landscape. 


Peak and Off-Peak Season — 

Peak Season is from mid November through mid February. Do not let the peak season scare you away. Peak Season includes the merriest and most colorful times in the area! There are two periods when the beach area is more populated — Christmas to New Year, and Semana Santa, the pre-Easter Week — although you will never experience crowds like those in busier destinations like Cancun. 

Off Peak Season is from late February (excluding Semana Santa) through early November. 

If you wish to experience more local color, then come during one of the many local festivals. 

If you shun crowds but enjoy the sunny, temperate weather then January is a good bet. October through mid-December is a good time as the landscape is still very lush, the beaches are beautifully uncrowded and temperatures are cooler. The occasional showers of July, August and September frequently cool things enough to make your stay enjoyable. No matter when you come, the sky is always blue, the water turquoise, the people friendly and the food outstanding. 


Driving to through Mexico to Arigalan - 

Once you enter Mexico you will find outstanding roads (some toll roads), which offer some of the most panoramic views of this beautiful country. Gasoline is controlled by the government and Pemex gas stations are plentiful on the main roads leading to Oaxaca and Posada Arigalan.

Although the rules of the road are not much different from driving in rural areas, there are a few things one should know. Do not drive at night, if avoidable. Many of the free roaming cows are black and difficult to see standing on the warmth of the road at night. If you see a small stack of rocks in the road, there may be a hazard ahead. Unfortunately, most people don't take the rocks away once the hazard is cleared, but as they say, better safe than sorry.

In order to stem the flow of guns and drugs around Mexico, the government has moving checkpoints where machine-gun toting soldiers check the contents of vehicles for contraband. If you are waved to the side of the road, simply obey the soldiers and allow them to search your vehicle. Be sure to keep you eye on them and do not leave any valuables unattended.
Mexico is a beautiful country with the most wonderful scenery that can be found. From the high and low deserts, the snow-capped mountains and jungles you will find thousands of reasons to drive your own car, which allows you to stop and enjoy the scenery. Keep your camera handy as you will need it around every bend.


Apart from Mexico City, Mazunte can be access via three airports:

- Oaxaca (OAX). By road, from Oaxaca to Mazunte, depending on the choice of road it takes between 6h (mountain) and 9hours (highway) by bus. The bus company are ADO or Lineas Unidas. There is also a flight connection (45min) with AeroTucan.

- Huatulco (HUX), 40min drive to Arigalan. 

- Puerto Escondido (PXM). 50min drive to Arigalan.


What to Bring
Posada Arigalan is located in the small ecological reserve of Mazunte, and as such, it is protected from "development" by the big hotels. More important than what Mazunte has is what it doesn't have. Non-existent are the sounds of bulldozers, traffic congestion with the honking of horns, and loud stereos. There are no rows of giant chain hotels along the roadside or on the beach, with their massive towers blocking the view of the tropical forest or the sea. There are no big stores such as Walmart or Costco nearby, with their huge parking lots covering acres of Mother Earth. We are a place to get away from the worries of the rest of the world. Here you will find tranquility, peace, and quiet. We are a place to get away from the worries of the rest of the world. 

With detachment comes the difficulty of finding certain items. Of course, one can travel to Huatulco or Oaxaca and find almost any desirable product, if need be, but you will find it useful to bring these items:

Flashlight or Penlight - This will come in handy for your return to Posada Arigalan after an evening of dining in town. It is only a short stroll, but there are no street lamps to light your way. 
Mosquito Repellent - Although the mosquito population is not severe, we are in a sub-tropical area with lots of tropical vegetation that promotes the life of many living things. We exterminate regularly at Posada Arigalan for pests to make your stay enjoyable and trouble free, but you may find mosquitoes joining you for dinner at one of the restaurants in town. 
Sunscreen - Don't forget sunscreen if you aim to spend time on our beautiful beaches.
Electrical Adapters - Mexican electricity is supplied at U.S.-standard 110 volts, 60 cycles. Plugs and sockets are generally two-pronged, non-polar. A two-pronged polar plug has different-sized prongs, one of which is too large to plug into the non-polar sockets in use in Mexico. You must bring adapters if you are going to use appliances with polar two-pronged or three-pronged plugs.
Cameras / Computers - Although film is available, it is desirable to use digital if possible. We have free Wi-Fi for our guests traveling with their own laptops. There are Internet cafes in town, with access to scanners, copiers, SKYPE telephone and other amenities available at a reasonable cost. 

Clothing Suggestions- Besides the obvious sunglasses, you will find a hat to keep the sun off of your head during the day on the beach quite a necessity. With an average 85-degree Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) weather you will want to bring clothing that is both lightweight and light in color. Mazunte is very laid back with most people wearing very casual clothes such as shirt and shorts. Men will often not wear a shirt and it is not unusual to see many wearing sarongs or a veshti. Women will be most comfortable wearing simple skirts, shorts and blouses, although it is not at all uncommon to see bikinis with a beach cover-up or a bikini top and skirt. Shoes should be light or open sandals. Loose-fitting, hand-washable, easy-to-dry clothes make for trouble-free Oaxacan coast vacationing. Synthetic or cotton-blend shirts, blouses, pants, socks, and underwear will be perfect throughout the year in Mazunte.

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